RUMOR: Ryan Reynolds Has Reportedly Agreed To Justice League Snyder Cut Cameo

RUMOR: Ryan Reynolds Has Reportedly Agreed To Justice League Snyder Cut Cameo

Just because the two and a half year campaign behind the Snyder Cut of Justice League finally ended with HBO Max announcing that the near-mythical project was finally becoming a reality, that doesn’t mean that the speculation has suddenly been brought to a halt. If anything, there’s now even more theories and rumors making the rounds about what Zack Snyder has in store for the reassembled version of the movie.


The filmmaker may have been the credited director on the theatrical release, but it clearly isn’t the pic he wanted to make, with rumors that up to 75% of the Snyder Cut will be entirely unseen footage that was discarded when Joss Whedon was hired to steer the troubled production over the finish line.


Although it hasn’t been made clear just how extensively Justice League is being reworked, reports have varied on whether or not Snyder will be able to get the main cast back together to shoot new scenes or if he’ll have to make do with whatever was left on the cutting room floor. Having been reduced to a minuscule cameo, Green Lantern is expected to get a lot more screentime in the Snyder Cut, and we’ve now heard that Ryan Reynolds is on board with the idea of making a brief appearance in the role.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us the Snyder Cut was heading to HBO Max months ago and that a Green Lantern TV show was in development for the platform before it was officially announced – Reynolds has reportedly said that he’s more than happy to show up for a cameo appearance in the film. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’ll 100% happen given both the actor’s packed schedule and whether or not there’s a logical enough way to put him in the movie without making it feel too forced, but he is, at the very least, open to it.


And that’s certainly great news, as the guy who pokes fun at Green Lantern every chance he has returning for one of the most highly-anticipated comic book movies in years would no doubt be a huge get for the all-new take on Justice League. Not to mention it would send excitement levels through the roof.

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