COLORBLIND PEACE OF MIND is a nonprofit social rights movement brought to life by Jack Skyblue on October 7th, 2021. He came up with the idea on the same day that Team Night Saturn, a reviewer website he founded, was celebrating it’s 8th anniversary.
He officially announced the movement on October 9th, 2021 in a post on his website as well as on Facebook and Vero.

The main intention of the movement is to stand up against national and international discrimination.
The reason why Jack Skyblue intended to found this social movement was because he felt that “There is discrimination against everyone and to think otherwise would be completely untrue. […] The core intention of COLORBLIND PEACE OF MIND is that it is about treating each other as equals regardless of your heritage and nobody is better or worse. The problem with other movements is that they always focus on one side but they also polarize the crowd as a result. […] we want to look at each and everyone of us through colorblind glasses so we can see our true selves at last.”

The movement is not about going outside to demonstrate or physically attack people who disagree with us. Instead what we really want is to encourage people to talk about the problems and try to find a peaceful solution so that everyone can benefit from it.

Physical fights are not welcome in our movement. We’re moving with our words not our fists. That’s the only way forward.