No Respect for You, Miss Wannabe Rebel

No Respect for You, Miss Wannabe Rebel

I haven’t really seen much of the work that Rebel Wilson has done but any chance of becoming a fan of her achievements has died with that poor & unfunny Michael Jackson “joke” she did just like pretty much every rotten comedian out there.

My apologies go out to Michael Jackson’s friends, family members and ESPECIALLY his children.

Seriously: Those people, comedians or whatever they’re claim to be are either unaware or worse don’t even seem to care whether or not those unfunny jokes aren’t just offensive towards Michael Jackson or his fans but also towards his own offspring!

Whether or not it’s just an act is irrelevant since they still expect me to laugh at such tasteless jokes which if you get down to it is a one note joke that has been done to death, and as matter of fact: It was NEVER a funny joke to begin with! If you actually tell such jokes or even just smile at it, then I have no respect for you.

So congratulations Miss Wannabe Rebel. You are now officially a third rate comedian.

To end this article entry on a more upbeat note, here’s a tweet of Michael’s daughter Paris Jackson sick burning Rebel Wilson with just a single tweet:

Heal the World!

Jack Skyblue

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