SaXtras: Pilot (SaG visits Mr. Boll’s Video Rental Store)

The chroma keying looks much better compared to previous videos but the writing and everything else… well it’s not awful or even bad but it not all that funny and it’s just a teaser. To be fair that was kind of the point of this video: I wanted to let my fans know that a new episode of Movie Rehab was on it’s way. Unfortunately they literally had to wait until the end of the year for the next Movie Rehab to be out. Bottom line: It’s an okay video. Not great but I always enjoy filming videos which aren’t just reviews and I’m always happy whenever I get the opportunity to do more of these.


The pilot episode of my new show SaXtras. Consider this episode as an unused bonus scene for the 10th episode of Movie Rehab.

Jack Skyblue

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