A Simple Reason Why The Justice League (probably) Won’t Be Overcrowded!

A Simple Reason Why The Justice League (probably) Won’t Be Overcrowded!

For those who have an issue with Justice League for having too many characters but you know what? So was the 1st Avengers.

Easy examples: Black Widow, Nick Fury and Hawkeye. It’s true that they were introduced in previous films like Iron Man 2 and Thor.

However both Fury and Widow could’ve easily been cut out of Iron Man 2 because they were completely pointless and they were only there to turn half the film into an extended teaser for the Avengers.

With Hawkeye: He only had a short cameo in Thor and even then he was just there so that he wouldn’t feel tacked on in The Avengers, just like with the other two examples.

I love Avengers make no mistakes: I’m just pointing out the double standards. Also: Spider-Man also had no improtant reason to be in Civil War and most people loved him (including me), but still: It just showcases that we can sure be blinded by our own hype.

Another note: Thanks to Wonder Woman we also got introduced to a world that next to the scientific and alien like world also features magic, gods and mythologies which is why I think that any of the characters from Wonder Woman won’t feel that much out of place there and quite frankly: I’m excited to meet those characters again.

I love the MCU but I also love the DCEU as well and of course I’m not trying to imply that those two take issues with the latter don’t have any legit points because I’m exactly sure that they’re issues actually are. But I think we also need to be more critical to what we love to truly apprechiate the true beauty within the love and why we can deal with those flaws.

Jack Skyblue

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