My Thank You to Eli Stone aka The Cartoon Hero

My Thank You to Eli Stone aka The Cartoon Hero

While is still very sad to most of us fans that you’ll be retiring the series, we can now digest your decision much easier this way. It was a wise choice of yours to announce the retirement soon enough before the show was done for good. 🌟

It really saddens me that The Cartoon Hero will come to an end. To me it feels like the end of an era because believe it or not: You have been a big inspiration to me.

As an example: The fact that I added more storylines in my review show Movie Rehab is all thanks to watching your story arcs. Granted: I also got ideas to add stories in my show all by myself and also plan to tone said story arcs down to fully focus on just the reviewing part but my point still stands. Another influence I got from you is character development. The characters from my show didn’t had any full fledged personalities but together with the story arcs and the character interactions they’re personalities got fleshed out more and they eventually grew thanks to some character development. At last I got partially influenced by your character simply due to the fact that he’s more laid back than most internet reviewers just like how we both are in real life.^^

The main reasons why I will miss your show is because you have a great sense of humor, you’re very humble (seriously only Phelous could possibly outdo your self deprecating nature), you’ve managed to make listening to production histories of certain cartoons actually interesting (with great writing and an awesome deep voice) and in the end: You also managed to explain your own opinions well and no matter how bad a movie/tv-series was for the most part you tried your very best to find at least one good thing on them or even acknoledging the productional hell certain creators went to actually complete their work (like the review of the seal version of Romeo & Juliet). Kudos to you Eli. 👍

I also enjoyed and still do enjoy your OOC reviews because it’s still in a similar style to your Cartoon Hero Reviews just minus the Hero and/or his characters. So hey: The show may not be entirely gone after all. At the very least it will still exists in a spiritual sense. 😉

I wish you the best for what’s about to come and I’m really looking forward what new shows you have to offer in near future and I’m very grateful for all the great years of entertainment and joy. Just remember my words so that you know that your show did indeed left an impact in this world. 😎

I probably wouldn’t be where I am today and for that I just want to say: Thank you Eli Stone. For everything. ✌️

Jack Skyblue

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