Michael Jackson saves Fan from Death Leap.

Michael Jackson saves Fan from Death Leap.

JULY 31st 1992, about 20 years ago during Michael Jackson’s stay in a London Hotel, something memorable happened. It appears on the newspaper, but shockingly as the media just want to frame Michael Jackson as a ‘Bad’ person. Therefore, these news never or rarely appears on the media. If you are a fan of Michael Jackson and you believe he is a good man, you should share this article on facebook to let the world know the truth.

Michael Jackson saves fan from death leap

First Article:

Michael Jackson saves fan from death leap

Michael Jackson saved a crazed fan who threaten to leap 120ft to his death yesterday

In a dramatic phone call, the star pleaded with the man standing on a narrow ledge on the sixth floor of a building opposite his London hotel: “Please don’t kill yourself”

Moments later the singer appeared on the balcony of his penthouse suite in full stage costume, waved to the weeping fan and staged an imprompts dance routine.

Eric Herminie, 28, who had said he would jump if he did not see his idol, climbed back through a window to safety almost immediately.

The drama happened hours before Jackson was due to meet Prince Charles at his second Wembly concert last night.

Herminie said by his mother to be “obsessed” with Jackson, had been in a small group of fans keeping a vigil on the third day of the singer’s stay at the Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane.

Shortly after 3pm, he clamered over a 12ft wall and climbed up the…

In the second article:

Jackson saves death-threat fan

One wave from hero stops youth jumping off sixth-floor ledge.

POP superstar Michael Jackson stopped a young fan committing suicide yesterday.

It took just a single wave from his idol to make the youth give up his precarious perch on a narrow sixth-floor ledge 100 feet from the ground.

He had threatened to jump opposite the singer’s London hotel unless he spoke to the star.

Nervous minders came out of the Dorchester in Park Lane to see for themselves – and immediately got a word back to Jackson.


One minute later the superstar appeared on his private balcony wearing a trisby and dark glasses and waved to the man.

Police who had spent an hour trying to coax the obsessed fan to safety then saw the youngster wave in return and disappear inside the block of flats in Tilmey Street.

The youngster is thought to have met Jackson the day before winning a contest.

The superstar’s aides recognised him and one said, “I remember him because he came out of the meeting in tears.”

The young man, dressed in black jeans and a black top yelled at them: “I want Michael to talk to me. You told me Michael wants to talk to me.”

The drama unfolded in front of a throng of fans waiting outside the hotel where Jackson is believe to have reserved his $997 (EUD) a-night suite of six weeks, even though he will be out of the country for most of that time.

One witness said: “The youth was shouting things but we could barely hear him. Every now and then he would dangle his leg over the edge of the building”

“At the same time he was taking his hands off the railing. It was very disconcerting and it looked as if he was going to jump”

A 20-year-old man was last night being held at Vine Street police station.
In a royal role reversl, Prince Charles saw Jackson’s Wembley concert last night – without pop fan Prince Diana.


The news seem to be hidden from the media. It clearly shows how they wanted to portray him in the eyes of the world by publishing stories that tells a bad story of him – with no evidence, no proof and just words. It’s time to know what he actually did, with evidences – pictures of him standing on the balcony to save the young man.

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