Quick Thoughts as to Why I’m Not Supporting 1st World Feminism (aka Third, Fourth or Whatever Wave Feminism)

Warning: This little entry right here is purely based on my own opinions. You’re entitled to whatever you like to partake in but don’t expect me to change my mind just because you don’t like what I have to say.

Bitching about how women are supposedly having bad times in our countries are insulting all those people who are risking their own lives in 3rd world countries just to put an end to forced engaged marriages and that, believe it or not, is just a mild example out of much worse ones. (Child rape culture anyone?)

Those people are the true heroes to me because they actually try to achieve true impacts in places without human rights with the knowledge that they could actually end up dying there. In our countries we don’t have to die if we’re speaking out our minds. The worst we have to fear are trolling YouTube comments or mean tweets.

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